Friday, July 20, 2012

ARMY Birthday Cupcakes

I just wanted to share with you how we made the cupcakes for the Army birthday party. They were really great thanks to my very talented sister! And on top of that, they are so simple that my kids got to help in the making process.

First take a yellow or white cake box mix (ignore the chocolate box- we didn't end up using it). Make the mix as stated on the box. Once mixed- split it into 3 different bowls and color them army colors. We chose green, black and a tan brown.

Place them in zip baggies so that they are easy to handle.

Next you will squeeze out a bit of color into each cupcake liner. The messier the better. That is why the kids were so good at it. They don't try for uniform, they just enjoy the fun and mess of it!

Keep adding until the cupcake liners are about 3/4 full and then bake to directions on the box.   ps- I love how my daughter thinks that when she cooks she needs to dress up too!
This is what the inside looks like when you open it up!

Now for the top!
You will need a can of chocolate frosting, crushed up Oreo wafers (remove the cream center first- since that is the only part of Oreos that my daughter likes, she was more than glad to help with this part!), and then the candy!

Frost the cupcakes then add the crumpled cookie topping so it looks like dirt. Then comes the fun part!
We had these candies to decorate with:
I know you can get these at a local craft store, but here is a link to where I got the picture from here.

These candies I know my sister just happened to run across and couldn't pass up. I don't know where to find them except maybe at a candy specialty store and of course online here.

Here is the finished product:
A couple things I love, first that almost the whole thing is edible! Also how the cake batter can be seen through the tan, parchment color liners. Lastly I love how it looks like they are scaling a delicious mountain of goodness!  (As a side note- I should mention that we had to put toothpicks in some of the army guys to keep them up right.)

We also added flags in each cupcake for a little color and patriotism.

I should mention that the gummies were alright in taste- not terrific, but honestly, who cares because they looked great! The rock candies taste delicious and I couldn't keep my fingers out of the bowl of extras!


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