Thursday, July 19, 2012

ARMY Birthday Party

Last year we did an ARMY birthday party. It was all water play outside because, well it is super hot here in July! Here was some of the fun!

Birthday Boy!
These invites were made to look like dog tags.  I printed them each on a single sheet of grey paper. Then I hole punched them, cut a small slit and slipped on silver party beads.

Each boy went home with these grab bags full of ARMY stuff! (Note- after Easter I found army baskets for 90% off at Walmart! It came with the walkie talkies, candy/snacks, and tank. I went to the Dollar store and picked up a pack of army guys for each bag too and a water gun.)

These were the bags that I sewed and iron on transferred some vinyl using my cutter machine. Lots of work, but they turned out super cute! I used the bag tutorial from here: Skip To My Lou

Each boy got a dog tag as they got to the party.

We served dinner first in the Mess Hall.

The dinner was tater tots, mac and cheese and hot dog wieners.
The first game was the firing range.

The boys took turns using Nerf guns to shoot down targets.

Trying his hand at shooting.

The 2nd game was the paratrooper drop.

They climbed a ladder and droppers paratroopers onto a target. (Next time I would use a taller ladder and maybe have them throw it from a distance off of the ladder instead of right next to it.)

Next up was the Man Hunt.

Two teams (green and brown) raced to see who could find the most army guys hidden in the rocks. There were about 100 of them out there, and we found them for days afterward.

On to a fun game of tug of war.

My husband tried to even the odds!

The agility course was like an obstacle course that the boys ran through.

1st they went up and down the water slide.

Then they threw a water balloon grenade at a target.

Then on to the tire run and jumping across the trampoline.

Under the ropes.

Lastly they grabbed a flag and brought it back to me.

After all that running around, it was time for cupcakes.
Here is the link to how we made these!

Did I mention that I made shirts for each of my family members? There is that good old iron on vinyl stuff again!

It was finally time for presents!

Here is the loot!

No ARMY party would be complete without water balloons...

water guns....

and a water fight!

I just have to say that my oldest was such a big help. The boys at the party loved him and he helped to keep things fun and moving right along. Thanks sweetie!

We ended with snow cones!

Here was our ARMY unit!

We had a great time!


  1. What a Great Party!! I found this from looking at your Carnival Party (I'm having one for my son next week) and I came across this Party!! It's funny because my other son wants this theme (Army) for his next Bday and now you have given me great tips!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your great ideas and pictures! :)

    1. This party is really fun! I don't know if you have a Dollar Tree close, but I noticed the other day that they had army hats, costume items, and army men there. It would be a great time to pick them up for inexpensive!

  2. Excellent games! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the Nerf targets from?

    1. Thank you! That was really a fun party... As for the targets, they were made by Wham-O and had come in a set with some pop guns. I purchased them years ago, and I just briefly looked online to see if I could find them. I didn't see them anywhere. Sorry, I'm not sure where to find them. I did do a version of this party for a Boys' Camp this summer and used a different target for that. You can find that post here:


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