Monday, July 30, 2012

Beach Bowling

I just spent the last week on vacation with my kids. We spent part of the time at the beach and so I thought for this week I would give you some ideas of things you could do with them there.

First off, I have to say that this activity was fun, but short lived. We did this alongside of building sandcastles. I had a kit that I purchased sometime ago from Target (go clearance!) and have held onto it. But you could easily do this with things you have in your sand castle building toys. You will need a small bucket, ball, and damp packing sand.

Pack in the sand. Even though this little model is cute, she isn't packing the sand quite right. Make sure to put some sand in and then pack it down. Keep doing that until it is full. 

Also the consistency of the sand is important. If it is too dry is will just end up as a pile of sand, if it is too wet it we look like a lump of wet sand. Use damp, not dripping sand to pack your molds. These are suppose to be cute little seals, but of course any mold will do! Preparing the game takes the majority of the time- good thing it is fun!

Next, use a ball to knock over the pins! Just a note, the ball that came with the set has a compartment to put water in it to make it heavier. I of course jumped in without reading the directions (uh-hum.) and so didn't realize it until we were trying to knock over the pins with a light ball and were very unsuccessful. I finally realized the problem and so to save you a little grief, use a heavier ball- it works much better.
Happy bowling!


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