Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Games in a PINCH!

Today we made cute, little crabs out of seashells, hot glue, and paint. I got the idea from Bunny Cakes. I loved how these little crabs looked, and so had a go of it myself! (I got the shells from the $1 store and got bright orange spray paint for the crabs and Robin Egg blue for the shells.)

Here are a few games that I have come up with to play with these fun little guys!

This one I got from the link I posted above. It is tic-tac-toe with a twist. The winner pinches the toe (or somewhere else if feet are not your thing:^) of the opposition.

Crustacean Concentration
This is a memory game in which you find the number matches of the crabs and blue shells. Each are numbered from 1-12.

Don't Be Eat Crabby
This is Don't Eat Pete- crab style! 
(You can't be crabby when playing this game!)

Oh, Snap!
This is a game of guess which number I am thinking of. If you guess wrong, you get a snap, snap of my pincher, but if you guess right, I am going to get a snap, snap from you!


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