Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Birthday Wreath

There are a lot of birthday wreaths made out of balloons out there in blog land. I searched through a lot of them and finally found one I loved! I found it on The Creative Homemaker. I pretty much followed her directions. 

The difference is that my foam wreath base is not the pretty white round one- couldn't find one like that, instead it is a green, boxy one, but it still looks the same in the end. Also, I bought all my supplies, balloons, foam, floral picks, and sign at Hobby Lobby (with coupons of course!). I found the balloons to be cheapest there by buying their big multi-pack bag. Just to let you know, I needed a lot more balloons than I thought I would. It is hard for me to remember exactly because I did this project a couple of years ago, but I want to say 4 packs!?! Also, this wreath is not cheap. it cost me about $35 when all said and done. Hope this helps someone!

ps- I used to hang my wreath on my door, but no more. It is too hot here in the sun and I was noticing the balloons were fading and even melting- ahhh!


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