Monday, July 23, 2012

The Popcorn Book

 Over the past couple of years, I have been able to get into my kids' classrooms and on many occasions I have been able to do story times. But this is definitely something that you could do at home with your kids and they would love it too! 

One of my favorites is this book. Maybe it is because one of my favorite snacks is popcorn or maybe because the book is really fun, or maybe a little of both! I have found that it is good for the 2nd and 3rd grade levels because the book is long and has a lot of information in it, but written in such a fun way that the kids are interested all the way through.

Usually my story times consist of reading a book, a craft, and a treat (sometimes that craft is the treat!)

The Popcorn Book

Read the Book: Make sure to take time to pause and discuss what is going on in the pictures because there are really two stories happening at the same time. I also like to discuss what is alright to do with and without an adult in regards to popcorn making! :^)
Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop Old-Fashioned 4-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper MachineTreat: Make some popcorn. I have a large popcorn maker that I like to bring in. And to be honest, the kids LOVE it too! I have them gather around the machine as I pour the oil and kernels in and review with them how popcorn happens. I like to add a few quiz questions on some of the book trivia like, "Does anyone find an old maid? What is it?" If you are doing this at home, you could easily do microwave popcorn or one of my kids' favorites is an air popper. It is fun to see it spill out of the top.

Craft: While I am finishing up making enough popcorn for the class, I have the kids make their own popcorn bags. I just bring in white lunch bags and they have fun. I have also brought in popcorn themed stickers, but it is not necessary. They are very creative on their own. I usually show them an example of one with red stripes and popcorn written across it for those who need a little creative boost.
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As they finish their bags, I fill them up about half way and let them enjoy a little snack! Yeah for popcorn!

Here are a few other resources I have used in the past:

This link has some great worksheets that I have given out for the teachers to use in down time or send home with the kids. 

This link has lots fun game ideas. 


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