Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Pirate Party

We did a a pirate party for my son this year! The only problem, it poured rain for the few hours right before the party. (Are you sensing a pattern here? Yes, most of my parties seem to have weather problems...especially rain of all things here in the desert!) Anyway, this is my 3rd pirate party I have put on for my kiddos, and everyone of them have had rain issues! No joke! The problem with this one was that we couldn't set up outside for fear of more rain and also the backyard was like one big swimming pool. Luckily we have a large cement slab on the side of the house where we were able to have most of the games. And of course it was suppose to be a water party, so the guests came in swimsuits. My only regret was that we couldn't set up outside and get some great pictures, but the kids didn't seem to mind! So here we go!

This was going to be in the courtyard, but we just moved some things around in the kitchen and made it work.

Where they were to eat dinner.

Food table, the extra space there is for the pizza boxes.

The take home table with all their treasures. ps- Can you see the flooded backyard? The rain had stopped maybe 15 minutes before these pictures!

more decorations
Made the plank from a discarded piece of wood from a home builder. Found it at the dumpster. Then I sanded, stained it, and used vinyl as a template to paint on the words. To hold up the plank we used empty planters from some trees we had planted earlier in the year.

Before dinner we started with a few games. This game we had each child draw out of a tin a way to walk across the plank. We had things like, run, hop on one foot, crawl, turn in the middle, and eyes closed. They had a good time trying to make it and cheering on their shipmates!

We were headed in for dinner, but before they could go they needed to work for some of their dinner. Wouldn't want them getting scurvy you know!

Some boys put their head all the way in! Most of the boys tried to just grab the stem with their mouths, but others went for the slam dunk!

This boy was amazing and could get an apple every time on the peel!
All the pirates sat down for dinner. I was so surprised that they ate! I have done many parties and it seems that the kids aren't hungry and just want to play. Maybe there are perks to doing the party inside! :)

The birthday boy made it easy with what he wanted to eat. Pizza, bread sticks, and Pirate Booty.

Here are the individual cups of Pirate Booty we served. I just printed the label and stuck them on.

These were such a hit. The boys definitely had their minds made up of which drink was best. Which would you choose, squid ink or shark blood? ....BTW- shark blood was the favorite.

There was also water which everyone wanted because who would pass up on a skeleton straw? They soon found out how to take them apart and we had skeleton bones all over. ;) Boys!   BTW- I picked up these straws at the $1 store at Halloween time- yep almost a year before! I am one of the crazies that do that kind of thing!
This game is super simple. I have a ball that you put a water balloon in to. Then you turn it on and pass it around. It has a dial on it, and when it stops, the ball pops the balloon and gets the holder wet. We played a few rounds of that.

This game is called tic toc croc. After using it at a party before I have perfected how I think it should be played for the most fun. It was meant originally to be done kind of like a musical chairs with hula hoops. As the # of hoops went down, so did the number of kids playing. But let's face it, they ALL want to play the WHOLE time. In the past I have used an inflatable croc I got at the $1 store, but it would not hold air this year. So last minute we pulled out a croc hat (everyone has one of those right!?! and just in case you were wondering, I got the hat at the $1 store) and my oldest agreed to be it. The hoops were at one end of the court and the boys at the other. They tried to race past to a hoop (more than one boy could share a hoop).

As each round continued, there would be more and more boys crammed onto a hoop until the last round when they all squished onto one! AAARRRGGGHHH!  I love this picture!

I didn't get very good pictures of this game. But the idea was that there were two teams on a relay race. Each had a mop and a ball. Each kid would go down to the barrel that my son is sitting on while pushing the ball with the broom. They would go around the barrel and then back to pass of the stuff to the next shipmate. BTW- the mops were from the $1 store and good thing too because they didn't make it past this party. (A moment of silence please.....)

Presents were next. The hardest part was keeping them dry! The boys were soaked from playing in the water in the backyard. Good thing they were in swimsuits!

Here are the cupcakes that I made. Basically I just made box mix cupcakes and bought the frosting from the bakery section of the grocery store. Did you know that you can do that and that they will even color it for you? I just wanted white, but I found the bakery people super helpful! I needed something easy for this party!

The toppers were from Hobby Lobby.

Blowing out the candle.

So I made this treasure hunt for the boys to solve. They were all rhyming clues that sent them all over the front and back yard. I got some ideas from posts from online and others I made up to suit our backyard.

My husband read them the clues and my idea was that I would take pictures of the places where they were hidden right before they got there. That was a joke because they were soooo much faster than me and figured them out very quickly. Very impressive because I thought a few of them pretty tricky!

Here was one of the clues I got a picture of and that was only because we have 4 hoses around our house and so they happened to look at the wrong one first!

The treasure was stashed in the graveyard behind the tombstones.

That is one happy captain there who was pleased to find his treasure!

Next was getting the treasure chest open. This was no easy task and took the help of all the pirates.

Time to collect the booty!

I saw these cute toppers at Hobby Lobby and couldn't help myself in picking them up! I put their pinata treasures in them and labeled them for home.

Do you want to know what sold me on the idea that this was the year for Ethan's pirate party? These pirate flag towels! They are rolled up, but above the crate is one of the towels draped out for you to see. Great huh!?! I found them in the fall on super clearance at Old Navy. I think they cost me $2 a piece and so we had to have a pirate party. Ethan was of course easy to convince!

I picked up these swords some time in the winter at the $1 section of Target. I will tell you something about putting a party together. PLAN EARLY! That way you are not wasting money buying things last minute or worse, you can't find what you want. Believe me, I have made that mistake and I kick myself every time because I know better!

Treasure boxes filled with some small things like gold coins, ring pops, etc. Got these boxes at Oriental Trading.

I have used these hat at everyone of the pirate parties I have done. They are from Oriental Trading again. They are felt and best of all they stay on their heads!

I made these for them to take home. Pirate flag sugar cookies. I will post about these later!

That is some loot there pirate!
Even with all the problems to get this party on, we still had a great time and our son had a wonderful birthday! He told me how much he loved everything about it! He had a terrific birthday! Love ya buddy!


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