Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Princess Party

  A Princess Party!
It was such a hit and tons of fun. The day was hotter than we thought it would be, so we had to make a few adjustments and take some of the activities inside. Other than that, it was a great party! Each girl came in a princess dress ready for this royal gathering!

The Invitation
These dress boxes are from the $1 Store's wedding section (10/$1). I added a crown comb and ribbon with the printed invitation stuffed inside.

The Set-Up

Dropping rose pedals on the ground.

The walkway coming up to the party.

Made these out of tissue paper. I used these instructions here.

A "make-over" station as my daughter called it. As the girls came in we would put lip gloss, a little blush, and glitter in their hair to get them ready for the royal event!

I found the vanity at a thrift store really cheap and it was in good condition too! The make-up was a dollar or less for each item.

This was the table had what the girls got to take home. A tin with their name on it, a castle doll house kit, and a bag for pinata candy.  They also got to take home their own princess cup below.
These cups were one of the biggest hits. They were a last minute addition, but I am not regretting it.  I found these on clearance after Easter. I had to hit 4 Walgreens before I found 12 of them. The best part about them, they light up with the touch of a button.

Where most of the magic was suppose to happen!
I borrowed these banners from another friend of mine. Thanks Wendy!

A story time area and a make believe play food area.

The Party
We did make-overs. I actually did most of them, but they did a few themselves, and I thought it so cute, I had to add it!

After the make-over, they worked on crowns. I bought silver crown kits at Hobby Lobby that came with the stickers and rhinestones. I added each name with light pink vinyl.

Working on the crowns.

Next station was making candy necklaces. I found these kits after Valentines on clearance. They were very cute but too difficult a project for 3-4 year old hands.

The candies came in the right colors and included a large heart medallion in the middle.

The girls could play in the make believe and story time area while we waited to move on to the games.

Here are the parts we had to bring inside because of the 100 degree weather!  First were the games. We played 2 games. First was pin the kiss on the frog. The other was an unwrap the present game. I didn't get any pictures of that one, but basically you have a large present that you pass around. When the music stops the girl with it opens it revealing another wrapped present. That continues 6 or so times until the last box contains bracelets for each of the girls to keep.

Dinner was also moved inside, but it was still a treat! They had chicken nuggets and french fries from McDonald's. We skewered the chicken nuggets and placed the french fries in a cup. Then we added strawberries and cream in another cup with a crown skewer.  And of course, there were the light up princess cups with pink Koolaid!

After they finished eating they headed out back to play. We had Bibby-Bobbidy Bubbles with over sized wands to play with.

And of course a Royal Ball on the trampoline!
We had a story time that we were suppose to do in the story time area, but we moved it inside. This is the book we read. Some did really well listening, others had a hard time sitting still- comes with the age. :^)

Then we opened presents.

I think this was her favorite present! Big brother is always good for a laugh!

Ruffle castle cake with adorning cake pops! Yum!!!! Eye candy too! Thanks to my sister who really out did herself! I will post more about this cake on another post!

After stuffing ourselves with cake, we went to the back to break a princess castle pinata!

The aftermath of a truly royal celebration!

The princess and her knights in shining armor. (I made two knight shirts for these 2 and two dragon shirts for the other 2. I now wish I had make all knights because they turned out so much better.)


  1. Scott and I just looked through the entire Princess Party post. I am so amazed! As a fellow party planning enthusiast, it's just so fun to see so much creativity for one event, and it seems like the girls just loved it!

    We look forward to seeing more.


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