Friday, August 3, 2012

Beach Lights

This idea came from Family Fun years ago. In fact I did this with my oldest probably 7 years ago and he was the one that remembered it and wanted to do it again. It was that memorable!

First step: you need to gather seashells. We had all types, some broken pieces too. It doesn't really matter. But what I really had wished for was sea glass. We weren't so lucky. :( Oh well, maybe next time!

You will also need votive candle holders and candles. (Both I purchased at the dollar store.) Then of course glue. I used hot glue, but the instructions said you could use tacky glue too- I'm just too impatient for that! :)

I chose the square holders because they would lay flat as the kids placed their pieces just where they wanted. I would then glue them down with the hot glue. Then we could turn it to the next side. It worked great!

Add a candle and a few rocks if you want.

Light them up and watch them glow!


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