Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Castle Cake

Now for the most spectacular parts of the princess party! Thanks to Sarah, my sister, who really outdid herself!
Now for the back story. I have a sister who loves to bake. A year before for my daughter's Rapunzel party she had offered to make a cake. So she slaved away on a tower cake.  Alas, on the way to the party, it toppled in the car and was destroyed. Luckily she had amazing cupcakes she made as a back-up. But you can see why I didn't want to ask her again to help with a cake. My daughter though had other ideas and asked her aunt not only for a pink cake, but for cake pops as well. She had no shame I tell you!

Here is the pink ruffle castle cake with adorning cake pops!

These castles were from Micheal's in the unfinished wood section. She took a little spray paint to them and they look fantastic!

She stuck Styrofoam in the nooks of the towers so that the cake pops would stand and mounted the entire thing on striped paper covered Styrofoam.


And just in case you thought the cake was simple! Yep- a rainbow layer cake! (In princess colors of course!)

Makes me hungry!


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