Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teacher Survival Kit

My kids started school this week. And even though I am not a teacher, I can only image how hectic and crazy this week is. So I decided that I would make 1st Week of School Survival Kits for each of them. I got the idea from Skip To My Lou. I just did it with a little of my style!

Find the printable here:
Teacher Survival Kit Printables

This was how we wrapped the little kit. I just printed these tags and used a little baker's twine to attach.

I bought these pill containers at Walmart for $1.50. (I got the largest size they had.) Then I filled them. Let's take a closer look!


magnets (these are from Walmart)

sticky notes


money for the soda machine

paper clip

bubble gum (Funny story- I had to go back and buy more of these because a little someone in my house found the bag and made them disappear!)

I wanted the teachers to have a little lighthearted and sometimes funny reminder that they are appreciated! They do so much for our kids and they need to know how much they are loved!
I have just added the printables for this on this post!
Teacher Survival Kit Printables


  1. You so rock Renee......miss you

    Ms. Kaffy:-)


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