Friday, August 24, 2012

The Cat in the Hat book

I had a chance to do another story time today for my son's 1st grade class. It was a bit last minute. I was scheduled to help out right before their lunch time and just before school started it began to pour rain. I had the thought that they might be on rainy day schedule, so I threw together this story time to take in.

I chose The Cat in the Hat for two reasons. The first because it talks about children who were bored because it was raining outside. Very fitting.

Secondly because of this game that I just recently purchased on clearance at Walmart. My kids have LOVED it! I thought the class would like it too!
To start the story time I played the game with the kids. I put something inside the hat (It was a large bag of Swedish Fish.) And then we played. The idea of the game is that there is something inside the hat. The cards help give clues to guess it. If they guess it, they win!

The kids actually guessed candy by the end. I let them munch on a couple of Swedish Fish each while I read the book, pointing out the red fish in the book to them- just like they were eating!

Anyway, super fun and the kids had a great time- especially with the game. It was such a hit that the teacher was interested in the game. Good thing I had picked up an extra and gave it to her. So glad she liked it!


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