Friday, September 14, 2012

BANG!- a sight word game

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I have been working on a game for my son's 1st grade teacher. She had this game already, but it needed a little face-lift if you will. Her's were #10 cans with faded, ripping butcher paper wrapped around which had hand written labels of what the cans were. I wanted her to have something a little more fabulous!

The teacher already had this game, but I found it via pinterest and so I thought I would give you the link because she does a great job of describing how to play the game.  

Now how I made mine!

I got 4 of these containers at the dollar store. I liked them because not only do the lids screw on, but the plastic is rough and so I thought the spray paint may adhere well to it.  (It did adhere great by the way!)

I taped the top part where the lid screws on and put some newspaper to keep the paint from getting inside. I also bought spray paint for plastic.

I used 4 different colors. They seemed to dry very quickly.

I then proceeded to type out the 200 sight words. I coordinated each set of 50 with their matching container color- just in case they get mixed up. Then I laminated and cut.

Of course I had to add vinyl. I was having a little trouble with the vinyl wanting to stick onto the sides, so I sprayed the containers with a sealer spray paint once the vinyl was appliqued. It seemed to help. Also, the teacher was using only 2 BANGs, so I put the extra BANGs in baggies just in case she would ever want more and stuck them in the containers too.

Red had the 1st 50 sight words.

Blue- 2nd 50.

Yellow- 3rd 50.

And you guessed it, green- 4th 50.



  1. I love the containers! You make me wish that I had a vinyl machine. Could you make it so you can be followed? It'd be easier to keep up with your posts that way. Thanks! :)

  2. Sure thing! Didn't realize that you couldn't follow, but fixed the problem! Maybe you'll be the first!!! :)

  3. I love this! Makes me want to make it! Do you still have the words in a file?

    1. I do have them on my computer. For mine at home I have just made one can (spray painted of course!) and just put bang on the side and top. I have the flash cards grouped in the 50's and just change them out for whatever we are working on. That way we don't have to store as much. I still have each group of cards in different colors which also works if there are a couple in one color he is still struggling with, then I can add them to the other deck and easily find them when I want to put them away. Let me know what you want and I will be glad to help!

  4. This is wonderful! I found this VIA pinterest. Do you have the word file to share? I would greatly appreciate this! THANK YOU

    1. I tried to make a google doc for this, but it didn't come out right. I am still working on it, sorry for the delay. Check back again!

    2. Thanks for being patient! I am starting to get these up now, so you can download them! Hope they are useful to you!!!!


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