Friday, October 26, 2012

Cotton Candy Spider Webs!

I saw these first on Giggles Galore and I knew that I had to make them for something this Halloween! I ended up making them for two of my kids' school Halloween parties!

First I bought a tub of pre-made cotton candy. I really had wanted purple or green, but after going to half a dozen stores, I decided that the pink/blue would work just fine... Basically I gave up the search!

Next you shape the cotton candy into balls (I got 6-7 balls out of each tub). Then add a spider ring on it.

Insert a striped straw and use a plastic bag to cover the candy so it won't get crusty. I cut about 2 inches off the bottom of the bags because they were a wee bit too long. I  could have added ribbon, but all I could think was that the kids wouldn't care so I talked myself out if it. It still looks cute anyway!
One of the classes had these drinks at the party! Can you say perfect!?!


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