Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Advent Calendar

Every morning it's the same... I hear running of little feet as they scamper to the calendar to see what spooky treat is in store for them this morning! My favorite is my son with autism. He asks every day how many more days until halloween (Did I ever mention it is his favorite holiday!?!) and then says, "oh 6, day 6... then 7, 8, 9...." you get the picture. We really know how to count to 31 in our house!

I got this calendar 5 years ago or so from Pottery Barn Kids. I know, I bit the bullet and bought it. But I don't regret it one little bit because my kids have LOVED this so much and I will admit I LOVE it as well. I have a friend who decided to make her own to look almost identical to this one, and you know what? By the time she was finished it cost her more than what I paid for it and she also put in hours and hours of time into it. A real labor of love. It looks fantastic, but then again, so does mine! :)

In each of the days they get some little treat like candy or a cheap-o gift. (Think dollar store or better yet, the previous year clearance!)


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