Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Class Party

I helped to organize two Halloween class parties this year. Unfortunately they were at the same time, so I was not able to attend one of them very much.

First I would like to say that I have found the perfect way to plan a party. It is called Sign-Up Genius! I came across it last year when another classroom mom used it to organize all the events. All I could say is, where have you been all my life!?! Seriously- it is that (should I say it?)....GENIUS!

At this party we had 6 stations that ran for 10 minutes a piece. After that was snack/treat time and finally a school parade. The kids had a blast and the party ran so smoothly! Thanks to all that contributed and helped out!

These bags had each of the children's names on them. The name tags had a different Halloween symbol on them to distinguish the 6 groups (ie ghosts, owls, pumpkins, etc.) Each child wore a corresponding name tag on them so we could keep the groups straight and remember each name.

Station 1 was the Spooky Eye Dice Game. I got this game from the blog Prepared Not Scared blog. She has a lot of fun games for Halloween and other holidays too on there for free. You should check it out!

Basically you roll the 4 dice. If you get a matching color set then you mark it on your board. The winner is the one to get all the matches first! At the end each player got a few eyeball gum.

Station 2- was a craft. It was making a peek-a-boo ghost.
They used paper cups with a slit at the bottom to stick the popsicle stick with a ghost attached through. Then they got to decorate the cup.
Station 3 was also a craft. They got to make lollipop creations.
They got to choose between a ghost, vampire, or a scarecrow.

Station 4- was BOOGO! A Halloween version of Bingo.

I don't know where she got it, but she said she bought it somewhere.
Station 5- another craft. This one was a little messy, but the kids did great and didn't even get it on their costumes!

Basically they use paint to make prints of their hands. It ends up looking like a spider and then they get to decorate it.

Station 6- They get to change into their costumes!

Then while they are waiting for the station switch, they got to color a booklet.
Yummy food time!!! You can see my spider web cotton candy in the corner!!!

Then it was time for the parade. The 1st-3rd graders get to dress up and parade through the school. It's a K-8 school so there are a lot of audience members! I love how big brother helped his little sister to feel safe... :)

I just had to put this in. A good friend of mine made this costume for he son. It was such a hit, especially with the junior high kids!

This is my son's awesome teacher... and can you guess her costume!?! Taylor Swift!

There's my little Spider Man.

Happy Halloween!


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