Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Pop Treats

So last year I decided to try my hand at cake pops- all by myself. I really liked how they turned out, even though I had many that fell apart in the process. (My kids were not sad one bit! Neither was my tummy! :) But I learned a lot and hope I will have more success this year because of course I have to make them again!
The little Frankies are cake pops. I used chocolate cake for the inside. Then I dipped them in bright green chocolate. Then a second dip for the hair in dark chocolate. Sprinkle on top with brown sprinkles, add eyes, and use an edible pen for mouth and scar.
The mummies are chocolate dipped Oreos. I used the white chocolate for the main color, but then I ran out of white and had extra green, so they got a touch of green on them.
The the pumpkins are marshmallow peeps. Just a word of warning, they dry up super fast, so either do those right before, or somehow cover them up so that they are not exposed to the air.
Happy treating!!!!


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