Monday, October 1, 2012

Wipeout Party

My son with autism has a thing for Wipeout. In fact all my kids like it, but he can't get enough of watching all those people get bruised and messy. Well, his birthday was rolling around and he decided that he wanted a Wipeout  birthday party. I started doing some research, and guess what? There is hardly anything out there! I did get a lot of ideas from this blog, Beth and Co.

Here we go with the party!!!

the cake and table

Take home gifts for the boys. I found these months ago in the $ section of target. The large one was there too but for $2.50. When my son saw the "H-U-G-E" one, he wanted to know right away who was going to get it. I had to tell him the best at Wipeout of course!

I have a friend who owns one of these snow cone machines and is always gracious enough to let me use it!

We also had a friend with this sound system who let us use it for the party. We had my oldest be the announcer and DJ.


The contestant starts at the top of the slide. The timer is started and they slide down.

This is the sucker punch.

The boy has to make it by the punches.

Next into the bubbly pool and on to the big balls.

Climb up the slide and then down.

Go around the umbrella while dodging the balls being flung at you.

Slip and slide it to the trampoline.

hahahaha! I love him!

Across the trampoline that has sprinklers spraying it.

Zigzag through the sweepers and into the soapy pool.

Of course make sure to stay away from the sweeper arms that are hitting you!

Slide down the slip and slide on the side of the big water slide. When you touch the pool the timer stops.

Here were the times!

After everyone had a chance to run the course then they played around. One of the things my husband started was boxing on the trampoline. Every one of the boys wanted a chance to knock him out. (Love this pose!)

My favorite was when our son knocked down dad and then started counting from 10-1 to finally say "knock out!" That's what he is doing here!

Time for cake!


Some snow cones after for a cool treat!

Opening presents.
At the end the trophies were passed out and the birthday boy got the "H-U-G-E" trophy. He was so happy. Looks like he is kissing it, doesn't it!?!


  1. Can I have your backyard?

  2. It isn't quite done, but we are very happy with it! Thanks for the compliment!!!

  3. Thank you for posting the pictures of your incredible party! Your son looks soooo happy!!! I am using this as inspiration to have a party for my son next week complete with a 14ft (rented) waterslide!

    1. I am so glad you could use some ideas! He really was happy and still talks about it! Good luck on your party!!!! I am sure it will be awesome!

  4. You are amazing!! What do you mean it's not done? lol! It's a kid paradise!

  5. Where did you find the chevron print background?

    1. It is just fabric from Hobby Lobby!

  6. Where did you find the big red balls?

    1. When I did this party quite a few years ago, they were the exercise balls that Walmart sold at $10 each. I am not sure if they still carry them or not... :^/


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