Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Banner

A couple of years ago, I had this great idea for making my own fabric banner. During October and November of that year I had been on a search for fabric banners for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. But all I could find were paper ones. Then I found a blog that had a printout for a paper Thanksgiving one that I really liked. Here is the link for the printouts. I really liked it because the coloring was right to match the Pottery Barn countdown calendar I had, which I will post more about later...

Anyway I had a crazy idea of how to make it with fabric. Of course it kept escalating into bigger things. Mostly I just kept adding layers. So her we go! (Some of the pictures were taken during the day and others during the night. That's why the pictures have different coloring. I would just work on it whenever I could.)

I bought broadcloth and ironed on Heatbond on the back.

I then cut the fabric into 8 1/2 by 11 sheets.

I then printed out the letters I had found on the link above onto the fabric. Cool, huh! (I would like to note that they are not water proof. I will need to figure out what I can put on them to make them so.)

Now comes layer #2. I bought 2 colors of felt sheets and cut them in half.

I then proceeded to apply the pictures to the felt with the Heatbond I had already attached. I then attached more Heatbond to the back of these. (I love the stuff!)

This part took a little time and I really think it is the reason that I quit working on it. Anyway, I hand stitched using embroidery floss all the way around the letters. I used 4 different colors, alternating them as I went.

I took some green wool felt that I bought off the bolt and cut them down to 12X7. (I think!)

I then using the Heatbond I ironed the two felts together. (Layer #3)

Here is how it sat in my bedroom on the ironing board until a week after Thanksgiving.

Then I finally decided that I really needed to get this done. So I started up again.

Now I sewed the 2 felt pieces together with a normal stitch. And I sewed around the letter piece in a zigzag stitch. I wanted to avoid fraying on the letter and make sure that nothing was coming up!

I cut another set of green 7x12's and attached a layer of Pellon.

I then used more of, yep you guessed it, Heatbond to attach the 2 green pieces together. (Layer #4!)

Then I sewed a normal stitch all the way around. I then trimmed the edges of those that needed them so that the greens matched up.

I measured and then snipped 2 slits at the top.

Then I laced ribbon through the slits to connect all the letters.

I used Fray Block at the end of the ribbons to help prevent fraying.
 And now for the final product!


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