Friday, December 14, 2012

Reindeer Cake Pops

Alright, can't wait to share these with you!!! My sister and I had a cake pop making day and we made these cute little reindeer along with some apples (I will post on that later!). They turned out so cute! I love them!!! Here is how we made them...

First take a 6 inch lollipop stick and get melted light cocoa melts on the end.

Insert the sticks part way into the chocolate cake ball.

Allow the chocolate to harden. (Best way is to put it in the fridge.)

After the ball is hardened, submerge it in the melted chocolate.

Pull out and drip off excess chocolate.

Allow a few seconds to dry and then place candy eyes and nose.

Let dry and harden (preferably over night.)

This is what the reindeer looks like without the plastic bag around it. You actually use the pipe cleaner to keep the baggie closed.

This guy is adorable! The sleepy reindeer... can you see the bags under his eyes!?!

Here is a set of 9 reindeer with their name tags. Go Dasher and Dancer...

Of course Rudolph in the front!

This is the bow we packaged the set in. (Minus Santa and the sleigh. I have a feeling my kids wouldn't appreciate me giving away their toys!)

In their reindeer stalls...


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