Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teacher Cups

For my older son who is in middle school, I decided that the gifts for the teachers had to be a little different. Mostly because all but one of his six teachers are male, and let's face it, most of the things I like to do are a little more for the feminine taste. :) Here is what I came up with... (best part about them... they were fairly inexpensive!)
Basically all I did was first pick up these water bottles (I found them for only $1 at piece! I know, great!!!) Then I took the school logo and cut it on my Silhouette machine. I used a more durable vinyl so that it can go through the dishwasher and I also used a sealer pen around all the edges. I did cups awhile ago, (see this post) and although some are starting to peel, they really did last quite awhile with rigorous use. Still, the best solution is to hand wash them.

Next I filled them with some candy and they were good to go! Easy and awesome... I love that!


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