Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making Lemonade!

Last post I told you about our citrus picking experience, and now I want to share with you our family recipe for homemade lemonade using our freshly squeezed lemon juice. First, here is how we juice and store the lemon juice.
First, if you are lucky enough to be able to pick fresh lemons, run out and get some... um, or lots!

Cut them in halves.

This is the part my kids love and beg me to do, juice them.  I have the best juicer, it is the attachment juicer to my Bosch mixer.

The concentration...

I love their little hands and how hard they have to push to get every last bit of juice out. I do have to give you a warning here, if you have even the slightest cut, beware. Lemon juice stings!!!

The juicer has a strainer on it, but I like to double strain it because I don't want any pulp. But that is a personal preference.

For the next step I use these containers from Smart and Final (another great idea from my friend Lisa).

I pour the lemon juice into the container and fill until the juice level is 1/2 inch from the top. I used to fill it all the way, but learned fast that unless you want a mess in your freezer, you need to give the juice some expansion room. :) I end up pouring about 1 and 2/3 cups lemon juice in each container.

Here they are ready to freeze! That is what I love about lemon juice, it freezes great and then we have fresh lemonade all year round. It is the best in the summer! As a note though, you don't want to store it more than a year, the juice goes bad and gets a weird color. So drink up...

and make more lemonade!

1 and 2/3 cups fresh lemon juice
8 cups of water
2 and 1/2 cups sugar

Pour all ingredients into a pitcher. Mix and enjoy!


  1. My mother in laws tree is bursting with lemons right now! Time to get those cups from smart and final and start juicing :)


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