Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mustache You Valentine

So last year I got on the mustache band wagon! My son saw this Valentine posted by Everyday Chaos and he knew this was what he wanted for his. And if you look you will see that I pretty much mimicked her layout- I loved it!
So I packed up my camera and we went for a photo shoot. The only problem is that this particular son is very sensitive to sunlight and this photo shoot almost ended in a disaster! Here are some not so perfect pictures:

We had major squinting problems...

Eyes kept closing....

Looks painful, doesn't it...

Yep, we even tried the sunglasses thing...

Finally, we got one. (BTW- the backdrop is a dumpster. I loved how that turned out!)
I had found these at the dollar store back at Halloween and had stocked up, so I ended up having enough for a class set!

Here is the final product with little mustaches in baggies and stapled to the Valentine.


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