Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Decorations

Here are a few things up in our house to celebrate the day of L-O-V-E...
This is in my foyer and my favorite place to spruce up for the holidays. the subway art in the corner is from Eighteen25. I have all the holiday art printed out and stored back behind the one I have displayed at the time. I love them!!!

I love this little nest and Scrabble valentine. I saw this idea here and loved it!

I found this LOVE print out at at Sissy Print. I decided on the non-valentine version 'cause I may be using it somewhere else in my house after V-day... I will have to keep you posted...

And then my other favorite addition this year to my valentine decor... this Ferris Wheel! I love it and added some glittery hearts for a fun accent! Goes perfect with the sign, right? I thought so too... (love...sigh...)

My kids love it too and I find all sorts of things taking a little ride. Wouldn't you!?!


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