Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Post Office

 In this post I told you how we make our own homemade valentines for each other. But where, do you ask, do we put all these wonderful love notes? In our own personal mailboxes of course! These mailboxes I made last year. I had, previous to these, purchased the small ones from the dollar section of Target. They were cute, but definitely not big enough. Then last year I stumbled on some larger ones at Joann's. They sell them in their container area all year round and I thought they were perfect! With a coupon they cost around $3 or so a piece. Definitely worth the investment!
The mailboxes come in white, blue, pink, and green (which I did not purchase because it didn't go with my valentine look).
Here is the front.

one side

the other side (each mailbox is exactly the same with only the name on the front different)

You've got mail!


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