Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentines Making Station

Each year starting on the February 1st I set up a card making little corner for my kids. They have all sorts of goodies to make valentines for each other. Can I tell you how they beg me to put it up and remind me more and more as the days get closer... I still remember as a kid loving to make homemade valentines with paper dollies and stickers. I loved it, and now my kids love it! Perfect!

This year I decided to use part of my daughter's kitchen set to hold all the valentine making goodies.
I use little buckets to hold stuff too! This is the first year that things are ending up back in their place, for the most part. There are still some messes that have to be cleaned up! :)

They can sit at this little table (again from my daughter's room).

There they can spread out and make valentines to their little heart's content...

I love these heart, felt chair backs. I found these heart place mats at Joann's. I just made little ribbon ties with sticky back velcro and ribbon. They fit perfectly!

This banner I made last year and I still love it!

Just the right atmosphere to inspire some great love notes!


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