Friday, February 8, 2013

You Rock Valentine!

 This was my favorite of all the valentines I did with my kids this year... it ROCKS!

First we had a little photo shoot.

I am really surprised we had a few turn out since Ethan was running a temperature and we found out later he had double ear infections and was feeling terrible! But he wanted these valentines so much, he told me he wanted to do this.

I used a dumpster again... just like in his valentine last year on this post.

And we finally decided on this one! I had planned on having him with sunglasses, but with the sicky thing and trying to get this done, I completely forgot until the pics were taken. Oh well, still turned out fine.

Next was designing them with the wording and having them developed. Then I stapled a blow-up guitar to each picture. Yep, the one he is holding in the picture is what they get in an array of colors. Cool, huh? I found them in the almost perfect section on Oriental Trading. I bought them almost a year ago, and they were soooo cheap, I couldn't pass them up. The hardest part- waiting a year to use them!!!!

Here they are all ready to go! Yeah, they rock!


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