Monday, March 18, 2013

Trapping a Leprechaun

Have you ever wondered how to trap a Leprechaun? In our house we have made a Leprechaun trap that comes out the day before St Patrick's Day. Here is the scoop on how this works. We set up the leprechaun trap outside our front door the night before. And then in the morning we see if we caught the leprechaun. For the past four years we haven't been lucky enough to catch it. They are pretty sneaky you know! But when we do, we get 3 wishes, so we will keep trying! But we have been given a little something from the leprechaun for our efforts.
We set it outside our front door in hopes that we will some day trap that naughty Leprechaun. One of my sons and I made it a couple of years ago and we have so much fun with it! I got this idea from an article years ago in the Family Fun magazine.

The idea is that the Leprechaun climbs the ladder to collect...

the (fools) gold on top. When he steps on the fabric top, he falls through and we've caught him!
We also have a green net I found at the dollar store to help catch him if he gets out.
In the morning we go and check. Here is what we found in the trap in the morning. He left a little bit of his rainbow (the Skittles) and was in a hurry, so he left his hat on accident. (My son's  favorite thing!)
Here is the note he leaves every year, letting us know he was here and to look for a surprise in their rooms!

They find this little pot of gold hidden somewhere in their rooms. (ps- I got the pots or cauldrons at Halloween time... just save them until March!)

And here is my favorite Leprechaun! The trap builder himself. He always leads the others on an ongoing Leprechaun hunt experience all day. I hope he never realizes that catching a Leprechaun is probably a far fetched dream! :)


  1. Haha how did I know it would be Ethan, love it! St. Patrick's can be so fun, I'm glad the kids are having great experiences with it.


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