Monday, April 22, 2013

Carnival Birthday Party

 Come one, come all!!!
It is time to post the carnival birthday party we did for our daughter's birthday this past weekend!
When the guests first walk up, there was this table out front of our backyard gate.

On the table were blue and red bags. They just needed to put their name on the label, and then they were ready to go in!
The entrance to the backyard.

Let's go in!

There were 12 games set up on the basketball court. I had some of my oldest son's friends there helping run the booths. They were fantastic and I had parents commenting on how great they were with the kids. I couldn't have done it without them- I think in total we ended up with 17 youth helpers!

We had this great girl who can face paint really well! One of my son's could not get enough and had it on his face and arms!
She put pictures on the hand- a dragon.

...all over the face, the tiger...

or just a picture on the face- a butterfly.
We also had a photo booth.

I didn't expect to have any pictures turn out that well, but surprisingly we had a few! Here they are below...

This was our photographer at that station. :)

The guest could also use the blow-up slide (we used it dry, so no water on it!) and
a bounce house.

This was one of my favorite things we had at the party. I found this in the bulk trash pick-up in front of someone's home. I LOVE it!!!! I cleaned it up and used it to store the shoes while the kids were jumping.
Here is the prize table where the guests would exchange the tickets won at the games for prizes!

This sign I found here and printed it for the prize table.

I was on the hunt for prizes for a couple of months. I picked them up after holidays, at the dollar store, and in clearance bins at varies stores.

Here is our birthday girl getting some help picking out prizes.
I used the top two signs from here. I downloaded and printed them at the UPS store. I also made the snow cone one to match the others.

Here is my husband and two other friends of ours that ran the food the whole night. They made hundreds of snow cones, cotton candy, and bags of popcorn! They were very busy and sticky all night!

The friend that did the cotton candy had never run a machine like this before. She got great at it though and her cotton candy looked fabulous!

Yummy snow cones!

The birthday girl enjoying a snow cone!

After over an hour of playing games, we brought out the cupcakes (purchased at Walmart) and sang happy birthday to her!

Next she opened presents. This took awhile because there were over 30 guests there to celebrate her birthday!
I just had to show you a picture of some of the lighting and what it looked like as the sun went down.

Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!
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A special thanks to all those who helped make this evening such a success!
I would like to particularly thank my friend Emma, who without her, this would never have happened!


  1. Awesome!! You're amazing!!! I especially liked how all the tables were the same size :)

  2. Yes! Thanks to all of you who lent me matching card tables! You helped to feed my OCD... :)


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