Friday, April 26, 2013

Carnival Games and Printables- Part 2

I am no longer taking requests for signs... sorry!

Here is a link to the post where you can make your own:
 Here are the second half of the carnival games for my daughter's party.
You can find the post about the party here.
You can find the post about the other games here.
You can find extra printables here.
And even printables more here.
The invitations here.
Carnival cake pops here.

I got the pool and ducks from Oriental Trading.
Here is the link for the ducks I purchased.

This game, I printed the ducks from a free printable of One Charming Party. We had Nerf guns that the kids shot at the targets. The only problem was again the wind, so the ducks couldn't free stand on their own.

I got the crate for this game at Hobby Lobby and then bought root beer bottles from Walmart. The rings I found at Hobby Lobby as well- they are flying discs, but worked great!

I bought a photo booth kit from Walmart. The fake weight I had made for another one of my kid's parties and still had it.

The kit also came with a backdrop that I attached to the wall.

This ball toss game was also from Walmart.

This disk drop game I bought at Oriental Trading.
Here are the printables for the game signs! Just copy and save. I explained on the other post about sending them to the UPS store. You can read it here.


  1. Thank you for sharing, this helped so much with my cousin camp I am preparing!!

    1. I am so glad to here it! When I put time into something it is nice when others can benefit too. Hope your cousin camp turns out great!!!

    2. Your blog was A M A Z I N G! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. I love the signs and was wondering how you made them. I have a few more games that I need signs for and wanted them to all coordinate with the wonderful ones you posted.

    3. Thanks! I used a program called Printmaster for all my posters. I am glad you liked them! I will be posting some more games signs soon... so keep you eyes out for them!

  2. Is there any way you could make me one that says Dart throw? I absolutely love your signs and its the only one I'm missing

    1. Absolutely! I put it on this post here:

  3. could you please make one for ladder ball, washer, sack race? I would kindly appreciate it. thx

    1. I added these signs to this link here:
      Sorry it took me so long to get to! I have been crazy busy around here! :)

  4. Hi! I LOVE these signs and your blog has been my inspiration for a Carnival theme baby shower we are throwing tis weekend. Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas and the signs. Would you mind terribly making a couple of signs that say "Soak the Diaper" (shooting them with squirt guns of course!) and one that says "Sweets & Treats" and one for "Favors"? Thanks again for your generosity.

    1. I am sorry I won't be able to do these signs for you, but if you look at this post, you can see how to make your own. Thank you for loving them to want more, but I hope you understand! Here is the link... Good luck with your party!

  5. How amazing to find this to help with our Harvest Party Children's Ministry. You are awesome.


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