Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Carnival Invitations

I wanted to share the invites that I made for my daughter's carnival party. I looked via Pinterest to find an invitation that I liked the wording on. I found this one and used it as a kind of base for mine. I also had found a spinner invite some time ago and knew I wanted to use it. You can download it for free from The Burke Family Blog. (It is very similar to the one you can purchase from Oriental Trading here.)  They have even put a link to where you can buy spinners. I was just not on top of things and had to make my own out of black paper. It worked great none the less!
I designed the invite on my computer and then had them printed out at Costco as a 5X7 picture. I then added the spinner with cut out arrows attached by mini brads.
I love how they turned out and got lots of compliments. My favorite is when I get told that the guests carry them around for days and are even caught sleeping with them... hahahaha.. makes me happy!
Here is the invite with the spinner attached.
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