Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY- Chalkboard

I have been wanting to make my own chalkboard for sometime. Then came the perfect opportunity. If you would like to see what I used this for, check out this post about the ice cream bar!
I found this cabinet door at a thrift store.

And it only cost $4.

I then lightly sanded the middle section to prep the surface for painting. I also sanded the edges with a grittier sandpaper to rough it up a little.

I used both magnetic and chalkboard paint. I put on about 4 coats of magnetic paint, but it really is a weak magnet. I was a little disappointed. It also made the surface a bit rough. The chalkboard paint went on beautifully and worked great.
I let it dry for a day or two before I used chalk on it.
I made this sign on my computer and had it printed at Office Max using their contractor's prints. It cost a couple of dollars.

I then took chalk to the back of the print and pressed hard as I colored with the chalk. Then I taped the image face up on the chalkboard where I wanted the image to be. Next I took a crayon and traced over the top. When I took the paper off, there was a light trace of the image underneath, on the chalkboard. I then proceeded to fill it in and make it darker with chalk.
If I have throughly confused you with that explanation, here is a step by step someone did with pictures on the  blog Simply Ciani. It explains it well.

It was easy, a little time consuming, but the results are fantastic!


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