Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recipe Card Holder

I made this a while back and I thought some of you might be interested...

First you cut wood into about 7 inch lengths. My husband did the cutting, so I am not sure how, but he cut angled slits into the wood, but not going through.

Then you spray paint them. When I am using cheaper spray paint, I have found this tool so helpful and a savior for my thumbs. It is a couple of dollars in the paint section of the store. (I found mine at Walmart.)

Paint and turn until they are completely covered.

After they are dry rough up the edges with sandpaper.
Next cut out vinyl and it to the metal flashing (found in a hardware store for less than a $1. Add vinyl to the wood and we added magnets to little flat sided rocks from the $1 store. Those are to hold the cards n place. Easy and cheap!

Here is a teacher version for their desk. Kind of a fun variation!


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