Friday, June 7, 2013

Library Book Bags!

It's time to visit the library and sign up for the reading program for the summer... and what better way to go in style then with your own book bag!?! At least that is what I tell my kids is cool, and right now they still believe me. In reality, it is just feeding my mad obsession to make something irresistibly cute (I mean) cool!
I couldn't resist making one of these when I first saw this floating around pinterest. I made it for my oldest son, so I wanted it to be a tad masculine, so here is my version! Here is the one I saw online at Ucreate. BTW- I used iron-on vinyl for all these book bags.

I had to do this after I saw this bag here. I loved the saying, but of course I had to add an image! (And squeeze a mustache in there somewhere! :)

I loved this print I found here on Esty, but I wanted a book bag version. So I found a free coloring page online and made my own. I LOVE it! And to be honest, I sometimes feel this way about a book... you know... you eat it up, you love it so!

I saw this saying here and knew I had to use it for my little girl!

This one I just came up with and it fits my son so well.
Hope you like them! And happy reading!!!


  1. So pretty!! Oh my God, I have to get one of those!!❤️😊


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