Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School Nurse Gifts

So I have to show you the couple of gifts I made for the school nurse. First I have to preface this post with how wonderful our school nurse is! She has had to handle situations for my special needs child for years and through this has become a favorite of his. (I think he has become a favorite of her's too! :) She is always ready with a smile and a hug for him. It warms my heart to see others love my child, even especially when they don't need too.

Now for the gifts!!!

I made clipboards like this one for the teachers. You can find that post here. I overheard the nurse the other day telling my son that she loves it and uses it everyday. I loved it too!
But this was by far my favorite gift to her. I found this retro bag on clearance at Down East Outfitters. I could not pass it up! I took it home and decided that it really reminded me of a nurse's bag. I added the red heart vinyl and wah-la, it turned out fabulous!!!!


  1. Oh! A nurse would surely appreciate these gifts. These are really adorable and so useful. And I guess it would surely make them smile knowing that you are so grateful for what they do.


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