Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Craft Camp- Day 2

list of activities for the day

owl card- owl is in vinyl and then a strip of ribbon glued to the side

Each girl painted their own owl pillowcase. I prepped them by pre-washing the pillowcases, ironing them and then sticking cardboard inside them. Then I applied a vinyl stencil to the top. The girls then proceeded to paint. They could choose between blue, purple, or pink for their owl.

Next we made the owl sleep masks. The girls chose a blue, purple, or pink mask. They then could sew around the edges to connect mink fabric for the back and the elastic or they could have me sew it for them. (Only 4 chose to sew it themselves.) The remainder of the facial features were hot glued on. I got the template for the owl mask here.
I had a couple of the moms share with me pics of their daughters fast asleep that night with their pillow under their heads and the masks over their eyes. My daughter was no exception!

For the treat we made Oreo cupcakes with owl faces on top. Oreo cupcakes were made by crumbling an Oreo in each cupcake liner and then pouring batter on top. After they were cooled we decorated them to look like owls. I found this idea here.


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