Monday, July 1, 2013

June Craft Camp- Day 1

    To begin with, each day of craft camp had a theme. Each girl would come in and make a card that was in that theme (The cards we did something with on the last day.) and then we had crafts and some food fun with the theme too.
This chalkboard let the girls know what we were doing each day and I taped the card they would be working on in the corner as an example for them.
The first day I walked the girls through the card making so that they understood what to do as they came in, but all the other days the girls would get started on the card first thing as we waited for everyone to get there.

The card. Each card contained a little vinyl and was basic for all of the girls. This particular card had vinyl chevron stripes with felt pennants. (I cut them out of sticky back felt sheets.)
This craft idea I found here and the print you can download for free here. I sent the prints to the local UPS Store and bought the canvas panels (8x10 size) for the girls to mod podge them on. Then we hot glued the ribbon to the back when dry.
The next craft was a jar lantern. I found the idea for this here. But I couldn't find a flag small enough to fit the quart jar size. (BTW- you can buy a 12 pack of quart size jars that are smooth- no writing on them- at Walmart for $9. They are the Mainstay brand.)
To make the right size flag I took an image of the flag and printed it on fabric. You can find instructions here on how to do this.

Here it is all lit up!

Lastly we did the Oreo dipped pops. In the second class I moved this activity to 1st so that we had enough time for the chocolate to harden in the fridge for easy transport home. You can see how to make these from an earlier post I made here.


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