Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Craft Camp- Day 3

 DAY 3
list of what was on the agenda for that day

The card they worked on when they first got to my house. All the hearts are vinyl and then they just added a small sticky rhinestone to the red heart.

They each got a card and pieces to make earrings and a bobby pin.
They glued on studs to earring backs. And then they painted the bobby pins with nail polish. To finish them off they added the jewel heart to the pin. There were rhinestones available to bling them up a bit if they chose to.

They also each made a glitter heart necklace. They turned out so beautiful!

As a little extra time filler the girls each made a bubble gum bracelet.

The treat was rice krispie treats formed into popsicles and then dipped in pink chocolate with a bit of sprinkles.


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