Thursday, July 4, 2013

June Craft Camp- Day 4


Here is what we did. We actually had to make some changes on this day. We made the dough for the sugar cookies first thing to give it time to chill. But then the crafts took so long, we didn't have time to cut and bake them. We had to push that on to the next day.
Here is the card. They are vinyl flip flops with vinyl flowers at the top. Then they stuck a jewel on the flower for an accent.

The girls then decorated flip flops. We took Jewel It glue and spread it on the straps. Then took extra fine glitter and poured it on. We set them outside to dry and then added jewels, bows, etc to them with hot glue.

While the girls were waiting for the flip flops to dry, we took plastic headbands and wrapped them in ribbon. Then the girls could decorate those too! Some got creative and made their own flowers as well.


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