Friday, July 5, 2013

June Craft Camp- Day 5

The agenda for the day. We had to cram a lot on this day because we ran out of time the day before.

Here is the last card they made.

As they finished up the card, they could use these supplies to make a card kit. This could be a nice little gift for someone.

This was probably my FAVORITE craft of the week. We did mini pallets. These pallets were made by gluing paint sticks together. (12 on the front and 2 on the back to hold them together)  Thank you Home Depot for donating these. I tried to buy them, but they wouldn't let me pay for them. I saw a similar sign here. I loved it so much I made a version of it!

The girls were so creative! I think this one was the most unique.

And of course we cut sugar cookies. We baked them while the boards were being done and then frosted them at the end!
 It was a fabuluous week!
I loved having these girls at my house sharing my passion for crafting with me!
Thank you young ladies, you are awesome!!!!


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