Monday, July 22, 2013

July Craft Camp- Day 1

 Here goes round 2 of craft camp! I did a shorter, I guess you could say mini craft camp, this month. It was only 3 days and was again really fun to do with the girls! I did the same as before where I did crafts and also did something yummy with food. You can see the set up I use and the basic outline here on this post. Also it has the links to all the other days and crafts we did. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of the food. Darn.
Here is the "what are we doing today" board so the girls would have an idea of what we were doing. On this day we formed the cake pops, but we didn't have chance to dip them until the following day.

We again made cards for the girls to take home and use.

We painted and designed frames. I got this idea from here.
I loved this idea when I saw it here and I knew I had to make these with the girls!!!!
Get more craft camp ideas here!!!


  1. I want to do the popsicle bracelet for girls 9-10 years old. I am worried they will be too big. is there a blue ribbon you used on one of them so it would fit smaller wrist? I just found your blog and am in love. Looked at it for almost an hour last night!!! love it. Cant wait to get more ideas.

    1. I would say they were a little big for that age. I had a 12 year old who found some that fit her perfectly. Each popsicle stick bends differently (some softer than others) and so I had them try them on. Still some of their wrists were very small, so that is why I opted to put the ribbon on. After the bracelets were done drying, we drilled small holes and fed the thin ribbon through them using a toothpick. It worked great! The girls seemed happy and they turned out cute. If you can find a mold for the bracelets that is smaller, that might work better for that age. I used tall candles I found at the dollar store (I could wrap 9 around each of them)and used the gauge of 2in diameter as the instructions had said. For this age, smaller would probably work better. Good luck with your crafting!!!


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