Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July Craft Camp- Day 2

 On this day we had a back to school/toad stool theme. The crafts were cute and the girls could work on their own for the most part with minimal support.
We finished the cake pops from the day before by dipping them. I didn't get any pics of those though. :( The cupcakes we got baked, but we didn't get them frosted until the following day.
Here is the toadstool card.

This is a pencil pouch. I bought a clear pouch for each girl and had the vinyl cut out for them. Then they applied the vinyl themselves.

I loved these little mushroom pencils!!!! I found this idea here.

I decided to have the girls also make little pencil sharpeners with the same technique as the pencils.

These are mini composition books that i bought at Walmart. The girls mod podged paper (here is the link to the paper I had printed) and then added vinyl on top. I got this idea from here.

This was definitely my FAVORITE craft of the day. This required minimal sewing that about half of the girls attempted. I sort of followed these instructions here except that I used iron on vinyl for the toadstool. I also had the girls hand cut out their book marks. In between the back and front fabrics is interfacing so they are a little stiff and more durable.

Here is the view of the front and the back. Yep, still in love! I am using mine as we speak!

I know that we didn't get these frosted until the next day, but I wanted you to see why I had picked these mini cupcakes for this day's a food craft. They have the feel of mini mushrooms! They were beautiful and delicious. I used this modified box mix version from here- definitely yummy!
If you need more crafting check these out!


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