Friday, July 26, 2013

July Craft Camp- Day 3

 Here was the last day. We did teacher appreciation gifts! This was a super fun day and I also requested from the parents to let their girls stay after a half hour so that we would be able to catch up on everything. Well, we were still behind when moms showed up! Better to have too much then not enough, at least I think so!
We got everything done. the only problem was the pretzels. I briefly showed them how to make them by dipping them in red chocolate and then adding a candy stem to look like apples. Then they attempted a couple as their moms came to get them. Again, I don't have pics- sorry. But here is the link to the picture I was using for inspiration. (You have to scroll down to almost the bottom of the post.)
apple card
I bought a pack of bags at Joanns. Then I had the girls attach vinyl apples to the front.

I printed these and had the girls attach them to the front. I found these on this blog awhile back and downloaded them. Now the blog is private and so you can't get them anymore. Bummer.

This idea is from here with the free printable. I just down sized the labels to %75 so that they fit the jars I had.

This is a little anti-bacterial soap. What teacher doesn't ask for this every year? We peeled the front off and added vinyl. I got this idea from here.

This was definitely my favorite project of the whole week! It was a little time consuming, but I think the girls were proud that they made it. I got the idea from here. I just changed it up to fit our needs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Then we tucked all the gifts into the bag for a great gift for their new teachers!
If you can't get enough, look here for more craft camp ideas!!!!


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