Monday, July 29, 2013


Can I introduce you the the newest additions to our family!
 We have just finished having some work done in our kitchen to house a new refrigerator and freezer. I don't even know how to tell you how happy I am that they are in, done, and looking good!
Well, kind of before. I thought to take a picture too late... This area was a butler's pantry. Or as I affectionately called it, grand central. It was the drop zone for everything and anything. Now with that gone, I have had to organize and find a place for everything... another bonus!

And here is the finished product. I had a company come out and rip out the cabinets and counter top. They then took the bottom cabinets to adjust them so that we could reuse them on top. Meanwhile an electrian came in to put in the right outlets. And my hubby patched up the drywall and tiled where the cabinets had been. Then we were ready for the  cabinets and delivery! I LOVE it! Can I say that again! I LOVE it!


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