Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Teacher Burlap Banner

I wanted to share how I made the burlap banners from Craft Camp a couple of weeks ago.
First get some burlap. You are going to cut the banners out of it. I used this template here. I just shrunk them a bit to make it a mini banner.

You are going to need paint in red, black, and green.

I cut out of vinyl the letters and apples to fit my banner. I then transferred them to the mini banners I had cut.

Paint with a sponge brush by dabbing so the paint doesn't bleed under the vinyl. The burlap really soaks up the paint well and is hard to mess up. When done painting, peel off the vinyl.

Then let them dry. With the girls at camp, I had them stick them outside and they dried fast. At home I just left them out overnight. Either way, make sure they dry all the way.

Then lay the banner out in the right order. I used jute string for the top. I laid out the sting across the top, leaving the ends long so they can be used to hang the sign.

Now it is time to use that glue gun.

Put a thin line of glue across the top and lay the jute across that, pushing down so that it sticks well. Continue doing that all the way across until the banner is complete.

I folded the banner up and tied a cute ribbon around it.

It then fit great in the gift bags we did for the teachers. You can find that here on this post.

And here is the finished product! It was so fun to walk into the classroom on the first day of school and see one of the teachers with this sign up in her room! It looked fantastic!!!!


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