Monday, September 16, 2013

BANG Printables!!!

Do you remember this post last September? I showed you my version of the sight word game BANG!
Well, I have now uploaded all of the printables for that game. And I have also included a blank in case you need to add different words to your pile!

Just click on the pic below:

  Have fun with this game and your little kiddos!!!

 Here is the link on how to play this game and how I put it together!


  1. Hm, I don't think my post earlier worked. I'm so grateful that you made this printable- I know it will be a big help with my rising first grader! I noticed that one of the pages in the first 50 sight words is duplicated (the one with "but" in the top right corner), which means there's a page missing to get all 50 words. I'd love a corrected version!

    1. Sorry this took me so long to respond! I haven't done much with my blog in awhile... :( Anyway, thank so much for catching the error... I fixed it! Love that you are using these!


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