Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY Crib Chalkboard

I have to say I haven't been this excited about a post in a long time! I just loved how it turned out! It honestly looks like something that you would spend a small fortune on in a local high end boutique around here.
So let's see how to make it!
Before we start though I have something I need to say:
 OK... time for true confessions. I sometimes take people's trash. Hear me out before you judge. We have this thing around here once a month where you can put out bulk trash and then the city will come pick it up. I have had things taken out of my trash pile before and I am glad someone else can use it. So the people that threw this out are probably saying the same thing... right!?!
I have to admit that this side of a crib was in pretty bad shape when I found it. In fact I didn't even take a picture of it until I had thoroughly hosed it down from all the dried dirt and mud. Plus it had some very discolored areas from being left out to the elements. I passed this thing a few times before I really believed I could bring it back to life. And I am so glad I took the challenge!
It was missing the middle area, but still had a pretty good working frame. I did have to take off some of the hardware still attached. I did not fill in the holes. I thought it gave it character, plus they were all in the back.
The front had a big split in the wood. Again I wondered if it was too much effort, but you will see later that all these blemishes completed the piece at the end.
I took wood glue and some clamps to stick the split pieces back together.
Next I took out the existing hardware.
Then came sanding down the splintering wood and taking off the bit of finish that was still on it.
After, I wiped off all the sanding dust really well.

Now came time to paint. This is the first thing I would do differently. It was hot outside and I really didn't want to paint out there. So I just used acrylic white paint with a foam brush. It covered the area, but was very flat. I ended up using this paint as a sort of primer instead of the final paint job.
I painted to entire thing and let it dry.
Next I had to decide what I wanted to do about the middle. First I thought I could insert a board of some sort into the existing grooves for the middle section that was missing. But then I realized that I would have to take the whole thing apart to do that. Instead I went to Home Depot and got 2 dowels for the sides and a small molding for the bottom so that the edges were covered. The molding on bottom looks like a chalk holder. I also painted these white.
Since I wasn't happy with the paint, I broke down and spray painted the entire thing. Much better...
Next I went to Home Depot and bought a board that they cut to size for me there. I then used my chalkboard paint on it. I did about 3-4 coats. (I lost count, sorry!)
Let it dry!
It was about this time that I realized that I wanted the chalkboard to free-stand on it's own. I found these 2 wood pieced in my garage that were the perfect size. I roamed around Lowe's for awhile and figured out a way to get these legs to hold up the board. So I came home and painted them white too.
Then came the antiquing. I wasn't sure if I was going to do this either, but this is really made the piece. It brought out every blemish and gave it character. I LOVE it!!!!! To antique, I used a cheap foam brush and wiped on the stain. Then I took an old t-shirt and wiped it off. I did small areas at a time. The result is this antique look.
After the stain was dry, I attached the chalkboard to the back.
Here is the next thing I would do differently. I should have had the chalkboard portion cut to fit the width of the back of the crib, so that I could attach the legs properly. I didn't, so my hubby cut me a couple of pieces that I attached to the back.
Next I attached the hinges to the legs.
Then I attached the legs to the board at the hinge.
My next worry was that the legs we just slip and the chalkboard would come crashing down. So I decided on this hook at the back. I put it on both legs to stabilize them in place.
Here is the finished product! I think I am in love!
You can see the antiquing and how it gave the piece so much character.
I love how the stain puddled in creases. It also did this in any holes or split areas, like the one that I glued together. It looks fantastic!
Here is the extra piece I attached... you can't even tell it wasn't the same wood piece to begin with.
Now to figure out what to write on it... What would you write? All I know is that I am extremely happy with the results. I am sure you will see this chalkboard pop up in future posts. (Kind of like Where's Waldo!!!) Be on the look out!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! you are soo crafty, I love that too...taking after your Aunt Sandee...keep on, keepin are WONDERFUL!!! I love you, Aunt Sandee


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