Friday, October 11, 2013

All Aboard the Dinotrain

 Each week I go into my son's special education classroom and am privilaged to do a storytime. I love it!
These sweet children are so excited so see me and give big hugs freely... seriously the only pay I need!

 I knew this book was going to have to happen because my son requested it! When I walked in I handed each of the students a dinosaur. We talked about them and played with them a few minutes and then I set up this metal train from my Christmas decorations. I pulled out the book and we talked about the cover and how all the dinosaurs were piled into the train. I next asked them to come and pile their dinos onto this train. Then we read the book.

This is the point where I take small groups in the hall. I usually do an activity/game and an art project of some sort with each group. I only did this art activity. Now I would add the giant, floor, train puzzle I have. But this was one of my first with this group, so I was still figuring it out. Basically I found inexpensive foam trains at the $1 store and I had bought these felt sticky-back dinos on clearance. They each got a few dinos and could make their own dino train. They were cute!

At the end I gave each student a packet of dino fruit snacks I found at Albertson's grocery store.

  (As a note: I have done a few of these through the years in typical classrooms and they would probably need to be altered to work for that environment. Also there are only 12 children in this class and none with food allergies... lucky, I know!)


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