Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY- Pedestal Candy Dishes

 I made this fun little project for a craft day I had at my house a couple of weeks ago. Of all the crafts that people made, this was the one that when people saw it in person they said, "Oh, I wish I had made one of these!" The pictures really don't do them enough justice. I will show you how easy they are to make!

 I bought these cute plastic dishes at a local grocery store. I know, they are so fun! And I got the candle sticks at the $ store. I took off the stickers from all the items.

Next I put a good amount of E6000 on the lip of the candle sticks and centered them on the bottom of the dishes. (Don't worry the glue dries clear!) I let them dry like that. For a good set, you should probably leave them 24 hours, but I of course didn't wait and started using them after a couple of hours. They are still stuck together really well. Just be careful with them.

And here they are! Love them!!!! (And they are pretty kid proof... my munchkins decided to handle them a bit to empty them of candy and they are still alive!)


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