Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Vintage Style Window

 Do you remember this window below that I found at Sweet Salvage? Well, I can't remember the price exactly, but I do remember thinking, I can make something like that and probably for a lot less. This is how I did just that!
Piece for purchase... for somewhere around $30.

First I took 2 8ft 1x2 boards home. They are $1.25 each around here. I dug through the pile until I found gnarly and beat up ones. Yea, you know the ones no one wants, that is what you are after. They give the frame so much character! Next I took the boards and cut them to be about 24"x30". Also I cut the middle cut them to fit (about 27" up and down and 2 about 10" pieces) I did the angle cuts in the corners for the frame part, but the one I saw at the shop was just straight cuts butted up to more straight cuts. You could definitely go that route if you don't have access to a saw. They will make those cuts for you right there at the wood place. Just make sure that they use those great character building pieces we were talking about!

 I then wood glued the corners and let them dry.

 Alright, here comes my first mistake, and I know you will not make it because I have already done it for you... you're welcome. Anyway, you will be pounding nails into the corners to hold them to each other. I put it 4 nails while I completely broke apart my frame in the process. It took me half way through to realize I should drill first, then nail. Now you know, drill... then nail.

Next I glued the cross section pieces and let them dry.

Next mistake... that you will not make! I needed very long nails to attach the cross pieces to the frame. What I discovered was that is was near impossible to pound them in and I was ruining my frame. (Good thing I was going to for rustic look! :) So I ended up using screws (and drilling first!)... a so much better choice! Note to self... screws, not nails for the cross sections, and really for all of it if you wanted to.

On the back I glued a scrap piece of wood I had lying around across the back where the smaller beams connected so they would be more stabilized.

Here is a pic of some of that awesome gnarliness I was telling you about! :)

On a few areas of the frame it looked waaaay too nice, so I gnarled it up on my own with a hammer.

And then on the edges all over I took the hammer and whacked them so they looked a little more distressed. This part was seriously like a therapy... being able to take out your aggression on something and knowing that it will become beautiful because of it! :) hahahaha

Next was the aging process. I took a small jar of white vinegar and added steel wool to it. Let it sit for some time... oh say a couple of weeks. (It seriously works people!) Then take a sponge brush and coat the frame all over.

Here is a picture of part stained and part not. The section on the left has had 2 coats, while the part on the right is still plain. And this is just right after I stained it. When you let it sit even longer, it turns darker.

Here is an up close shot of the difference of stain vs not stained. WOW!
After that dried, I drilled for a fun handle I found at Hobby Lobby. It was 50% off so it cost me $2.

Here is the handle all attached. Take a look at the intersecting piece to the left. I was amazed at how different sections of the same wood piece could react so differently to the aging process. It all makes for unique beauty in this piece.

Ahhhh! LOVE! I also added some hanging hardware from the $1 store so that I can do even more fun stuff with this! (ps- The total cost for me was less than $6 to make. That is a project worth doing! Now I just think it needs a twin... yes, definitely another one is in the works!)

And just in case you had forgotten how it started, here is a left over piece of wood from what I cut to make this frame. Amazing the difference, right!?!


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